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熊猫盒子0-2岁 Panda Box for Ages 0-2

每月3-5本早教启蒙绘本和1-2套主题手工,包含蒙氏早教专家的亲子阅读指导。促进语言认知发展,安全不易撕坏。 Our ages 0-2 panda box comes with 3-5 sturdy board books and 1-2 crafting activities , making it a good option for small fingers still learning how to handle books. Each box includes an insert providing Bilingual (English-Mandarin) literacy activities from literacy experts.

熊猫盒子2-5岁 Panda Box for Ages 2-5

每月3-5本适龄中文绘本和1-2套主题手工,包含蒙氏早教专家亲子阅读指导。丰富中英语言输入,提高认知水平,培养阅读好习惯。 Our 2-5 Panda Box comes with 3-5 hardcover picture books and 1-2 crafting activities. These books are perfect for reading aloud on a lap or for young readers just learning to read. Each box includes an insert highlighting the books and providing ideas of family bilingual literacy activities.

熊猫盒子5岁+ Panda Box for Ages 5 +

每月3-5本适龄中文图书和1-2套主题手工,配合5+岁孩子的认知水平,开阔视野,培养独立阅读习惯。包含双语中文游戏活动页及蒙氏早教专家亲子阅读指导。 Our 5+ panda box comes with 3-5 books and is for young readers ready for longer stories. It includes 1-2 sets of crafting activities. Each box includes an insert of bilingual language games and a guide for parents to inform them about the books and generate discussion.




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