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What wonderful things will happen when you become classmates with the moon?

"Hi everyone, my name is Moon, I love croissants and canned oranges, and I'm interested in making things shiny and sparkling!"

When Moon goes to school, how will his classmates react? Can Moon adapt to school life and get along well with classmates?

"Moon Goes to School" describes the various moods of the child facing the new environment. The moon in the story was originally looking forward to going to school, but when he introduced himself, the reaction of his classmates made him feel frustrated. The moon is a little depressed and a little reluctant to go to school! …

The protagonist, the moon, created by French painter Andre Dean and Japanese writer Kitayama Yeo, is covered in warm orange-red tones, with a cheerful expression and childish tone, which makes people feel a pleasant atmosphere at once .

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