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Product Description

《123,散步去》是一本兼具数字与日常生活认知功能的幼儿图画书。123, Go for a Walk is a children's picture book that combines digital and daily cognitive functions.


What happens in the park on a summer evening? Follow in the footsteps of the protagonist, Little Sun, and say hello to the people, animals and plants you meet in the park while counting. It's dark, the sun is home and the moon is out again, what else will happen in the park?

  • 把数字与日常生活中的事物联系在一起Connect numbers to things in everyday life
  • 轻快活泼的“童谣体”语言 "nursery rhyme" language
  • 引导孩子用眼睛看、用耳朵听、伸出手来感知。Guide children to see with their eyes, hear with their ears, and reach out to feel
  • 强化孩子对数字掌握程度的同时,也鼓励他们留心日常小事,学会热爱生活。While strengthening children's mastery of numbers, it also encourages them to pay attention to the little things in daily life and learn to love life.

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