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Product Description


  • 艺术插画,趣味设计,还原真实的四季情景,培养孩子的审美力
  • 翻翻 洞洞,创意阅读,锻炼小手灵活性,激发无限想象力

What is the difference between the four seasons? What are the changes in animals and plants? As the seasons change, how do people's activities change... Open this book and let children appreciate the beauty of the four seasons and understand the changing seasons. This book uses exquisite flip and hole design to increase children's cognitive interest, entertaining and entertaining, so that children fall in love with cognition and learn happily.

  • Artistic illustrations, interesting designs, restore the real four seasons scenes, and cultivate children's aesthetic ability
  • Flip through the holes, read creatively, exercise the flexibility of small hands, and stimulate unlimited imagination

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