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专为小学读者设计 童心奇想故事 《怪博士与妙博士》


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There is a strange doctor in Weiwei Town, who specializes in inventing all kinds of novel things; there is also a wonderful doctor in Miaomiao City, who has special new inventions in his mind. "Weather Bag", "Universal Elevator", "Sky Remote Control"... There are so many inventions that you can't even think of. Dr. Strange and Dr. Miao have their own advocates. Is Dr. Strange's invention newer or Dr. Miao's better? Opening this book is like opening Doraemon's pocket, all kinds of strange and wonderful inventions will appear in front of you! Follow Lin Shiren, the author of "Change Books", to show childlike innocence and whimsy again, and collide with the imagination!

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