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Products / 12个国家翻译出版《让妈妈生气的10个方法》



Product Description

  • 适读年龄 Reader Age:5+
  • 类型 Genre:漫画 Comic
  • 出版日期 Publishing Date:2015/2020
  • 平均句长:15字/characters


Never tidying the room, not cleaning, going to bed late, talking dirty, playing games (watching TV) all day, eating only junk food... I can tell you in detail 10 ways to make mom angry, especially the parts you need to pay attention to I have marked them with horizontal lines or circles. If you do this, your mother will be furious, but your mother may not let you go so easily. Most importantly, I want to say that if you want to make your mom happy, just do the reverse of these methods!

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