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Products / 充满想象力的“伯宁罕式”故事《朱利叶斯呢?》



Product Description

  • 适读年龄 Reader Age:5+
  • 类型 Genre:故事 Story
  • 出版日期 Publishing Date:2019/2020
  • 平均句长:36字/characters


A young boy named Julius loves to travel far and wide - especially when his parents call him to eat. At first, he pitched a tent in his room; then, he dug a hole that he could drill into the other side of the world; then he rode a camel to see the pyramids, to bathe the hippo... Finally, in Dad When his mother didn't call him to dinner, he showed up at the table. John Burningham's stories are always wild and unleashing children's imaginations.

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