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◎Li Jian, the winner of the "Best Publication Award in China" by the China Press Association, the winner of the "Animation Publication Award" by the Ministry of Culture, and a famous original picture book writer at home and abroad, has launched a new product, discovering the life wisdom of "people in the forest" and the harmonious coexistence of nature;
◎The Tuva people in Xinjiang have a long history and ancient cultural traditions. "The Wooden House of the Tuva" tells the process of the Tuva people searching for winter pastures and building new houses in the form of a picture book, showing the uniqueness of the "cloud tribe". The attractive human landscape and folk customs help young readers understand the distant world without leaving home, and care about the preservation and continuation of ancient history and culture;
◎The dialogue between the family and the mountains, rivers, forests, and the earth in the book reflects the Tuva people's reverence for nature, the way of life that integrates with nature and the simple ecological concept of recycling It is a community of life”, cultivate a heart to protect the nature, and know how to care for the ecological environment like you care for your eyes.

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