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◎Fantastic imagination, start an incredible exchange journey

◎After half a century of classic picture book stories, we meet us with the retro style of painting and the language of poetry

◎It is hard to imagine that a simple story can cause so much thinking in readers

At the beginning of the story, there is only a butterfly in the palm of the hand, the butterfly is exchanged for a wishing bone, and then the wishing bone is exchanged for a kite, and the kite is exchanged for a flag. With constant exchanges, who could have imagined the final story ending? The book's engaging narrative and unique illustrations will surprise readers of all ages, and will give children a lot of interesting ideas about swapping and trading, and the unexpected ending of the story will give children and adults a few different thoughts. It is a classic picture book full of childlike interest, humorous and relaxed, and profound meaning at the same time.

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