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Product Description

  • 适读年龄 Reader Age:3+
  • 类型 Genre:故事 Story
  • 出版日期 Publishing Date:2020
  • 平均句长:12字/characters

动画式场景和人物,近景借位摄影,历时一年创作的富有质感的立体画面。 富有生命力的微缩场景,精细的道具,令画面极具趣味性、亲切感和可读性 用奇妙的想象体验共情、勇气、成长的魔法

The 2020 International Astrid Lindgren Literary Prize Laureate's Magical Work Concerning the Psychological Growth of Children
Eat the magic candy ball and hear the simplest but most difficult to say heartfelt voices: "I love you" "I miss you" "Want to play with you"...
Integrate various artistic techniques such as hand-painting, clay puppets, paper-cutting, fabric art, modeling installations, photography, etc.
Animated scenes and characters, close-up photography, a three-dimensional image with rich texture created over a year. Vibrant miniature scenes and fine props make the picture very interesting, intimate and readable Experience the magic of empathy, courage and growth with wonderful imagination

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