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Products / 一个红色与灰色演绎的绝美世界《阿诗有块大花布》



Product Description

  • 适读年龄 Reader Age:4+
  • 类型 Genre:故事 Story
  • 出版日期 Publishing Date:2017/2021
  • 平均句长:15字/characters


This is a picture book that combines artistic appreciation and content that children are interested in. From the content point of view, this is a kind and warm story that makes people feel after reading it - Ashi is small and has few feathers, so he does not attract attention, and even often feels lonely. But the moment Ash hears the sigh of an elephant, her life changes. She cut all kinds of things for animals big and small from her large floral fabric: clothes, sofa covers, scarves and more. Ashi gave her big flower cloth in exchange for the company and friendship of her friends. Sometimes it's as simple as getting warmth, you just need to pay for your friends in your own way. Judging from the pictures, the whole book is composed of two colors, red and gray, which is very visually shocking and rich in traditional Chinese charm, which makes people unforgettable after reading.

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