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Product Description

  • 适读年龄 Reader Age:4+
  • 类型 Genre:故事 Story
  • 出版日期 Publishing Date:2021
  • 平均句长:12字/characters




Xiaozhi's mother always makes a very beautiful bento. Every time Xiaozhi opens the lid of the bento, the children will be amazed.

I'm going on an outing tomorrow. "What kind of bento will my mother make for me?" But when Xiaozhi came home, he found his mother lying on the sofa. Mom has a fever. Although my mother said not to worry, my fever had not subsided at night. "Mum will definitely make me a bento tomorrow. But I hope Mum gets better soon. What should I do?"

The author's works always focus on the psychological growth of children. Faced with the actions of children in this book, parents always simply define them as "insecure," ignoring the importance of children's growth in the process.

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