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Products / 于细微处看见美好,著名儿童文学作家秦文君《奶奶家的大猫和小猫》



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Qin Wenjun, children's literature writer, China's first children's literature writer shortlisted for the "Lin Glenn Memorial Award", was nominated for the International Award.

"Grandma's Big Cat and Kitten"-the story of the big cat and the kitten reflects the daily interaction of human society. It is a story of conflict and opposition, but always soft and delicate.
   Whether it is a child or an adult, we may all be lost in narrowness. For the people and things that you like, there will be beautiful explanations, and you can see that they are flowers; for those that you don’t like, you don’t look pleasing to the eye, they are all thorns. With a fair heart and a kind eye, you can see the flowers and reap a sense of happiness.

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