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Product Description

这是一本适合低幼孩子阅读的火车书,画风质朴可爱,透着萌萌的气息,用夸张的造型、强烈的反差,让孩子体验变化的乐趣,强化孩子对颜色、形状和大小体验与认知。从介绍现实中的各种颜色和花纹的火车,自然过渡到各种大小和各种形状的火车,再到由各种物品联想到的“火车”,夸张、幽默,富有童趣。是一本好玩的认知 想象力绘本。

This is a train book suitable for young children to read. The style is simple and cute, with a cute atmosphere. With exaggerated shapes and strong contrasts, children can experience the fun of change and strengthen children's experience of color, shape and size. And cognition. From the introduction of trains of various colors and patterns in reality, it naturally transitions to trains of various sizes and shapes, and then to the "trains" associated with various objects. It is exaggerated, humorous, and full of childishness. It is a fun picture book of cognition and imagination.

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