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Grateful to the family: Let the children feel the love of family when they are young, and appreciate the care and love that parents raised and brought up their children. The protagonist, Feifei, is often guided by her parents as she grows up, and Feifei feels that if she lives as a single person, she can do whatever she wants... After Feifei’s parents are invisible, Feifei becomes Cub’s mother. She accompanies the bear to tell stories, cook three meals for the bear, clean up the environment at home, etc. A series of work makes Feifei feel very tired. Feifei feels that being a mother is very hard and boring... It is not easy to be a parent, and let the children understand The love of parents is so selfless. The book sees the big from the small, so that children from elementary school will be grateful to their parents and the warmth of the family, "It's nice to have you!" A family with parents is really happy.

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