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Products / 震撼人心的诺贝尓和平奖故事《和平树》Peace Tree

震撼人心的诺贝尓和平奖故事《和平树》Peace Tree


Product Description


Describes the Green Belt Movement initiated by the Nobel Peace Prize female winner Wangari in Kenya, Africa.
Demonstrate the passion, vision and determination of a female environmental fighter, as well as the great influence she has brought.
This is a story about the environmental fighter Wangari Maathai. Kenya in Africa was once hacked in just a few years and became barren. On World Environment Day in 1977, Wangari launched the "Green Belt Movement" in Kenya to encourage women to plant trees. She is convinced that retrieving the prosperity of the land is the foundation of peace. The influence of this movement continued to expand, and the greens gradually returned to Kenya. Wangari's passion, vision and determination have deeply affected everyone who loves the land.

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