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Products / 认知蒲公英的生长过程,感受浓浓的爱《会飞的小伞》The Flying Umbralla

认知蒲公英的生长过程,感受浓浓的爱《会飞的小伞》The Flying Umbralla


Product Description


Included in the 2021 "flowers and trees" theme subscription box
Little green worms, little ants, little spiders and dandelions are envious of flying butterflies, bees and ladybugs, and want to fly. Grandpa Feng told Dandelion that when he grows up, he will be able to fly. Therefore, Dandelion was hoping to grow up quickly. Finally, after growing up, the dandelion flew to the sky with little caterpillars, little ants and little spiders. The story lets the baby feel a strong friendship through understanding the growth process of dandelion and the cute little animals.

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