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低龄宝宝植物生长科普 《吓一跳》Wow


Product Description







• This is a scientific enlightenment picture book suitable for young babies
The story uses rich and detailed pictures to show the process of beans from germination to the final fruiting, so that the baby can understand the growth process and growth environment of the plant.
• This is an enlightenment picture book that will give babies the courage to explore
In the story, the little mouse was startled by various unknown things time and time again, but the little mouse did not give up. He still mustered the courage to get in touch with the unknown, and finally gained more happiness.
• This is an enlightenment picture book full of joy of growth
The story vividly demonstrates the growth process of plants through the interesting interaction between mice and beans, allowing babies to feel the joy of growth and improving their cognition and perception.

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