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Products / 走进害羞孩子的内心《出来一起玩儿吧!》Come out and have fun together!

走进害羞孩子的内心《出来一起玩儿吧!》Come out and have fun together!


Product Description


This book can help parents understand their children's heart better. Children are eager to be accepted—accepted by family, friends, and society. However, not every child has the courage to show all aspects of himself, even in the face of family and friends. Usually, we define such children as "cowardly." In fact, they are not lack of courage, but very sensitive and delicate in their hearts. This book shows us the psychological activities of such children and demonstrates how to deal with such problems.
"Come out and have fun together! "The painter used gentle brushstrokes to depict the beauty of nature. When children see such a beautiful countryside, they would be more willing to go out for outdoor activities or picnics with their families. Taking advantage of the good weather, lead your children to experience the beauty of nature together!

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