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Products / 跟着春天的节奏,一起认知身体部位 《好痒,好痒》Tickle Tickle

跟着春天的节奏,一起认知身体部位 《好痒,好痒》Tickle Tickle


Product Description


1. A Spring-themed picture book. Big trees, small grasses, small flowers, small rivers, willow branches... the blue sky and white clouds, small rivers and waters, and the rejuvenation of the earth in spring are all presented to the reader.
2. This is a picture book for cognition of the body. Head, arms, waist, legs...the spring scenery is corresponding to the baby's body parts, and the learning body parts can be easily completed in beautiful reading.
3. A great book for parent-child games. Scratch, smile, tickling are daily parent-child games  that most babies are familiar with. 

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