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  • 青豆我爱吃,啊呜!面条我爱吃,啊呜!西瓜我爱吃,啊呜!……可吃完以后,呀!毛毛虫的身体变成了青豆串,刺猬的刺变成了面条,蛇的斑点变成了西瓜籽……这是怎么回事?I love green beans, ahhh! I love noodles, ahhh! I love to eat watermelon, ahhh! ...But after eating, ah! The caterpillar's body has become a string of green beans, the hedgehog's thorns have become noodles, and the snake's spots have become watermelon seeds... What's the matter?
  • 对于孩子来说,美食与形状游戏简直就是最强搭档。翻开这本书,跟着动物朋友们来一次愉快的创意美食之旅吧!For children, food and shape games are simply the best. Open this book and follow the animal friends on a pleasant creative food journey!

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