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Products / 幼小衔接《百花思维训练》全套12册 Kuno Method Activity Book Set (12bks)

幼小衔接《百花思维训练》全套12册 Kuno Method Activity Book Set (12bks)


Product Description

Designed by Japanese Early childhood Education Expert 久野泰可.

Great for Ages 3-7

This book set contains 12 activity books that are divided into 3 levels with a total of 500 activities. Each activity takes about 10 minutes for complete daily. The levels are Easy, Medium, Hard, and each level has 4 books. 

This set of activity books is great for preparing your child for going into 1st grade, as it provides systematic practices of all curriculum areas. 

Topics include: 

Measurement, orientation, comparison, working memory, deduction, concept of numbers, shape recognition, language, general knowledge 

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